What We Do

We collaborate with groups and agencies to improve community conditions.

Our role as researchers is to support community initiatives. We believe that communities are experts in knowing what they need and how to get there. Our support is aimed at helping communities use data to drive decisions and share their stories. We've worked with coalitions aimed at preventing substance abuse in their communities, agencies working to better support families with young children, as well as schools focused on addressing the social-emotional and mental health needs of their students.

We study how agencies and groups work together to solve social problems.

We help groups work together more effectively and efficiently. We do this by using action research to understand how agencies collaborate, how coalitions develop, and how both work to achieve and sustain their goals. Information from our research is regularly communicated with our partners so that they are able to more quickly move past barriers and build on their successes.

We promote sustainability through capacity building and data transparency.

A central goal of our work is to help partners engage with their data in ways that help them identify when and where to improve services and outcomes for the people they serve. We also regularly convene diverse groups of stakeholders, including families, to collaboratively share and reflect on data and mutually develop products relevant and meaningful to their communities.